Pokémon GO! A Lucrative Hit or a Controversial Miss?


Considered by many a provider of endless fun, and others a tool of destructions; many of us have heard about, or know people, who play the widely successful video game Pokémon Go!

Niantic Studio’s hit game was released on July 6 of 2016. Ever since 1997, the start of season 1 of the widely popular Pokémon animation series, its merchandise proved to sell very quickly and successfully.  The Pokémon merchandise came in many different shapes and forms, from tradeable playing cards to plush toys and not to forget the most successful Pokémon product; the Nintendo video game series. Just look up ‘Pokémon video game’ and you’ll be bombarded by the sheer number of results.

However, in 2013 the production of Pokémon video games stopped. Fans from around the world were left hopeless and disappointed until Suddenly, in 2016, the mobile game Pokémon Go! was released. Immediately, both app stores recorded millions of downloads, and many teenagers around the world fell in love with the game.

Pokémon Go! provided a unique experience for players as it combined Augmented Reality (AR) with live tracking, which enables them to go out and about in the real world to find and catch the highly sought after Pokémons. This aspect of the game created some major controversy on global media, as adults (mostly parents) and even organizations started to speculate about the repercussions of playing the game.

Many argue that the game encourages teenagers to trespass private property in search of Pokémons. Not only that, but some people even blame the game for causing many accidents because of being distracted by the phone.

Although I admire the fact that that for once a game was able to bring out gamers from their parents’ basement, the damage caused by the game was extensive. On the release of the game, popular landmarks were filled with crowds of people who instead of admiring the tourist attractions were actually glued to their phone screens. The number of teenagers who used their phone while driving to collect Pokémons is too high, and the rate of mobile phone addiction probably saw an increase. Answering the questions of ‘A Lucrative Hit or a Controversial Miss?’, I’d say it is a bit of both; a lucrative but controversial hit.

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