Video Games: The Newest Player in the Global Media Market

Video games are a very powerful and profitable global media, with its revenue topping 109 billion USD in 2017.  which is astonishingly even higher than the revenue of the film industry. Who are the main influencers in this industry? And what is the future of gaming?


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Global Use of Video Games and Addiction


Video games are a major part of many people’s lives, but for some, these games have taken over their lives completely. We will be looking at some of the statistics of video game usage around the world, and tackling the issue of video game addiction.

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How Drugs are Depicted in Global Video Games

One of the most debated and currently ongoing arguments regarding global video games revolves around their effects on children. Some argue that video games do not influence people, whereas others argue that the effects of the games are profound and in many ways.

A player in the game GTA V cooking crystal meth in-game.

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